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After reading the personal data, Tang Ge immediately clicked on the completed task to view the task process. She was very interested in what was happening in the Black Spar. The pitfall is that the system has completed the task, about her experience in the black spar. The memory of the original owner Tang Ge has seen, later the road is her own walk, the process is clear, there is no need to see in detail. Tang Ge wanted to know more details and had no way to start. This time, the mission used the power of the soul, so that her hard-won solid soul was empty again. Closing the completed task, Tang Ge rested for a moment in the system. Had it not been for this mission, Tang Ge would not have found out that she did not remember the original reason for entering the mission. It seems that she has never thought about why she was punished since she entered the punishment system. Tang Ge had only one thought in his mind, to complete all the punishment tasks quickly and return to his original post. Now suddenly aware of this matter, Tang Ge heart across a touch of strange. For a moment, she wanted to know what she had done wrong. Unfortunately, no matter how much she wanted to know about it, Tang Ge could never remember her mistake. Tang Ge did not struggle on this issue, quickly put away the mood, with the soul to start the next mission. The task body prepared by the system for Tang Ge this time is not the body in the real world,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, this body comes from the two-dimensional animation world. The original owner's surname is Yamashita, and her given name is Tangge. She is 16 years old. She is the fiancee of the male protagonist of an animation called'Goblin Love Story '. The original owner was born in a famous family in Kyoto, the Yamashita family. The original master learned etiquette from the master, elegant manners, perfect figure, excellent academic performance, is a well-deserved goddess in the school,jacuzzi swim spa, loved by young boys and girls. When the original owner was 12 years old, he was engaged to Ikeda Yu, the future heir of the Ikeda family in Tokyo, and they became unmarried couples. The original owner is a Kyoto socialite with beautiful appearance, talent and virtue, and her fiance Ikeda Yu is a talented young man who is rare in a hundred years. When they stand together, they will be praised as a match made in heaven. After the engagement, the original owner often took a special plane to visit Ikeda Yu in his middle school, and Ikeda Yu also acquiesced in the existence of the original owner's fiancee. Until the first semester of high school, a car accident happened, so that the quiet life of the original owner made waves, slowly set off huge waves, Chinese spa manufacturer ,whirlpool hot tub, and finally let the original owner fall into a place beyond redemption. On the first day of the new school year, Ikeda Yu went to school by car. On the way, a girl suddenly rushed out from the side of the road. The housekeeper had no time to step on the brakes and hit the girl. This collision, let the girl's blood sprinkled on the amulet given to her by her grandfather, awakened the guardian goblin sleeping in the amulet. The goblin wakes up because of the girl's blood, automatically recognizes the girl as the master, and uses the demon power to heal and awaken the girl who was hit by a car. Ikeda Yu's housekeeper got out of the car to inquire about the girl's injuries. When the girl found that she was not injured after being hit by a car, she apologized to the housekeeper instead, saying that her previous behavior of rushing out was too reckless, and that she would be careful when walking in the future. The girl's way of doing things won the favor of Ikeda Yu's housekeeper, gave the girl a business card with his contact information, and promised the girl that she could call him for anything in the future. In a car accident, the girl's kindness was recognized by Ikeda's housekeeper. After coming out of school, Ikeda's car met the girl again on the way back. This time, the girl defended a group of bullied children against injustice and drove away the bullying children. The housekeeper slowed down the car and let Ikeda Yu see the scene of the girl protecting the child, which brought back the memories of Ikeda Yu when he was young. Ikeda Yu was deeply touched and had a good impression on the girl. As a result, the fate of the two people came into being. At a school festival, Ikeda Yu and the girl met in the school, Ikeda Yu knew that the girl was also a student of the school. The girl's family was poor, and she was able to enter Ikeda Yu's high school entirely because of her excellent grades, and was recruited by the school in the name of specialty students. The girl did not feel inferior because of her poor family. She was cheerful, helpful and full of vitality. Soon, the girl made a true friend in the aristocratic school, and was secretly protected by another prince of the school, Itosuke. Although the girl from a poor family was disliked by some of her classmates and occasionally encountered difficulties from some people, she was secretly solved by Ito afterwards.

Ikeda Yu met the girl at the Gakuen Festival, when the girl was ridiculed by several girls in the class and ran to the garden to cheer herself up. With tears in her eyes, the girl smiled and encouraged herself so that Ikeda's heart seemed to be touched by a feather. From then on, Ikeda began to pay attention to the girl subconsciously. The number of times they met on campus gradually increased. This scene was discovered by a female student of Ikeda Yu's support group in the school and reported to the president, which attracted the attention of the whole support group. Ikeda Yu is the male God in the hearts of the girls in the fan club. He must not be defiled by a girl with ordinary appearance and poor family background. The president decided to teach the girl a lesson and let her stay away from Ikeda from now on. It happened that this time, he was hit by Ikeda Yu. When more than a dozen girls in the support group taught the girl a lesson, Ikeda Yu rushed over to protect the girl behind him and warned the support group not to hit the girl. This time, Ikeda Yu knew that the girl's name was Nan Ying, who was sixteen years old and was a senior one student like him. The hero saves the beauty, and it is the easiest to win the heart of the beauty. Ikeda is handsome, and the elegance in his bones makes people yearn for him. South Sakura fell in love with the teenager who saved her at first sight. After that, they often went out in pairs at school, which made the people in the fan club hate them so much that their teeth itch. Suffering from Ikeda Yu's protection of South Sakura, he couldn't do it. At this time, someone proposed to ask Ikeda Yu's real fiancee to come over and drive away the flies around Ikeda Yu. Without knowing it,jacuzzi bath spa, the original owner came to Ikeda Yu's high school in the name of participating in the school cultural exchange. !> Chapter 180 the Second Dimension Goddess War (2) (aiyousheng. Com). The original owner came to visit Ikeda Yu with his own cooking for Ikeda Yu, but in the place where they met, he saw Ikeda and South Sakura eating cheap lunch boxes together.

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