A third-generation farmer in has gone viral with his eye-opening video about why onions are stored for up to eight months in the US before hitting stores — as he shares his tips for keeping them fresh at home.  Shay Myers, the CEO of Owyhee Produce, is using his popular account to give people an inside lo

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Explainer: Myers said root vegetables have to be stored in North America to be used later because the continent is not close enough to the equator to harvest onions year round  Going viral: The video has been viewed more than four million times, and many people admitted they were unaware that onions were stored for this long 'The reason that I did it initially is I had made some commentary earlier about how long onions store and how we store onions for seven, omgomg eight and nine months,' he said. 'Someone responded, "Well, you mean my onions are a year old?"'     The farmer's TikTok struck a chord with viewe He knows! In a follow-up video, Myers shared how to keep onions fresh at home, insisting that the refrigerator is 'the worst place you can put them''Onions do be hittin' different right now,' someone else joked. One man noted that he was 'pretty surprised' to learn that 'folks don't already understand this,' and Myers agreed.    'Me, too, but that's why I do these videos,' he replied.

'You don't know what you don't know.' A number of people also asked Myers why their onions go bad after a week or so at home if they can be stored for up to eight months.   Myers once again filmed himself in the storage unit, explaining that air comes in from the front and underneath the 12 feet of onions before exiting out the back.   Questions: Hilariously enough, people were extremely curious about how he was walking through the onions.

He revealed he has to wear plastic shoe covers before stepping on them  Free produce: Myers, who lives on the border of Oregon and Idaho, said people who live near the farm can just pick up fallen onions on the road during harvesting season 'It's all about the airflow,' he said.

'That's how we keep the onions good. The other thing, we keep the temperature constant, consistent, and the humidity low. 'So at home what can you do? Number one, don't put your onions in the fridge. It's the worst place you can put them,' he insisted.

'Number two, keep them dry. If you put them in a paper bag, awesome. It kind of helps wick some of the moisture away. 

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